About Us

About Us

Celtrade is a manufacturer of authentic own brand, Industrial, Food Service and Co-Manufactured products. Our specialties are in cooking sauces, infused oils, vinegars, mayo type spreads, gourmet condiments, and salad dressings.

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About Us
Our Story

Celtrade is a manufacturer of authentic own brand, Industrial, Food Service and Co-Manufactured products. Our specialties are in cooking sauces, infused oils, vinegars, mayo-type spreads, gourmet condiments, and salad dressings. We cook with high quality authentic ingredients that are sourced from over 50 countries worldwide to ensure the best flavours for your food. Celtrade’s consistent efforts to deliver true innovation, customization, and speed-to-market has led to trusted partnerships with brands, retailers, industrial and food service customers across North America.


Our innovation is driven by consumer insight and market data. We use Mintel, Nielsen and Trend data to develop food that has an economic motivator. We spend time at restaurants and markets and keep up with the latest food trends. We understand our customers’ brands and provide direction on which categories and themes to pay attention to. Whether we modify one of our existing formulas, or create one from scratch, our team of chefs and food scientists can help you anticipate market trends and design unique recipes for your brand. At Celtrade, we are not another sauce manufacturer, we strive to be your strategic partner


Our founder, Ron McAvan, has worked in the food industry his entire career. His passion for quality led him to realize that consumers want the same thing as he does: real food products. He witnessed an opportunity in a growing sector of the business represented by authentic international products. As a result, Celtrade was born in 1990. With the help of a 5-star chef, Ron executed on his vision to create delicious recipes made with the freshest ingredients and to bring authentic dining experiences directly into the consumer’s home. Celtrade has evolved into a premium manufacturer of shelf-stable and refrigerated sauces and condiments using only the finest ingredients and chef inspired cooking methods.

Speed To Market

Our roster of recipes and formulas contain over 2,000 product and product variations. Our pantry of ingredients boasts over 3,000 items in our system. Having all these ingredients and formulas on hand allows us to achieve record speed to market capabilities in our SQF Level 2, 55,000 square foot facility. From research to lab samples, taste trials to small batch cooking, packaging to label design, and all the way to a commercialized finished product, we are your one-stop shop for all your product creation needs.


We believe in authenticity and respect for the origin of foods. That means producing products inspired by tastes from around the world without a single compromise to their true flavours. We source as many ingredients as we need to fulfill our creations, like Thai lemongrass and Spanish saffron. We are not afraid to search the globe for the perfect ingredient for each product. While many mass-food manufacturers often use dried flavours mixed with water to create their products, we use culinary techniques and small-batch kettle productions to ultimately deliver the best flavours for your food.

Our Promise

We continuously strive towards consumer-driven innovation and outstanding taste in every product we create. We will partner with you as we develop food catered to your brand and customers. We use consumer-based data, culinary excellence and state of the art manufacturing capabilities to deliver innovative products to drive your sales.